Small Perthshire Country Garden

This lovely country garden in the depths of Perthshire has really been transformed.   It was blank area of lawn and now it is a delightful walled terrace that compliments the landscape beyond.  It creates a cosy entertaining space to catch the sun, eat, drink and be merry while enjoying the spectacular views.  The walling …read more

Homes & Interiors Scotland Article

Please read the March/April of Homes & Interiors Scotland issue to see an article on Allangrange garden, a fabulous garden design project I was involved with on the Black Isle in 2014. Now that the garden has had some time to mature it has settled into itself and has been captured here looking stunning during …read more

Summer garden colour at Brown Earth HQ

The Brown Earth Garden has come on in leaps and bounds over the past few months so at the same time as announcing updates to my website with additions to my portfolio pages I thought I’d go all the way and upload some recent pictures from home as well. It’s amazing how quickly everything grows …read more

The Brown Earth Flower Garden

Firstly apologies, I haven’t put pen to paper for an embarrassingly long time but that’s because here at Brown Earth HQ there has been a new project in the offing. I have always been obsessed (among other things) by cut flowers; I love the uplifting effect they can have on any room or general mood.  …read more

Death by Roses

If you HAD to choose…can you think of a more wonderful way to die than being smothered by roses? For that is the only way I can describe the collection of roses in Charlotte Wemyss’s walled garden – a smothering… and it quite literally is one of the most beautiful “smotherings” I have ever seen! …read more